Sorse Ilish Bhuna Gosht Prawn Khichuri

Welcome to Amar Cooking

In Bengali the word 'amar' means 'my'. So by calling this website Amar-Cooking I actually mean My-Cooking. I have created this website to talk about some simple recipes for cooking tasty and healthy Indian, specially Bengali, dishes. I will soon included a section for answering some of the frequently asked questions relating to cooking.
I am a mother of two sons, both have now moved to the USA and have settled down in two different cities of this huge and beautiful country. Once they moved out of India, they started missing the taste of the delicious Indian cooking. They kept on asking me to send them recipes for cooking Indian dishes. I used to write to them to teach them simple recipes so that they are able to cook at home some tasty dishes, which they loved so much.
My husband, who is always my source of encouragement, asked me to put-up all the recipes in a website to make those easily accessible. So I created this website, Amar-Cooking - আমার কুকিং।
I have recently launched eBook on cooking, where you will find recipes published in this website. Click on the cover photo  (on the left) to launch the eBook.
I will be very happy, if you like the recipes I have posted here and find the cooking simple and easy.
Enjoy cooking!

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